We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to the following people:

We thank our Senior Cultural leaders for their vision and sharing knowledge with us. We are deeply grateful to you for making it possible for us to share and pass on your cultural stories to the next generations. Without your support, guidance and cultural authority this would not have been made possible. To all the children, teachers and Anangu educators from Mimili, Ernabella and Amata Schools we thank you for joining us on the culture camp and assisting us to create this digital space.

Funding Partners

  • Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program – an Australian Government initiative
  • Australia Council for the Arts
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department for Education


  • Inawinytji Williamson – Senior Cultural Custodian and Project Cultural Consultant
  • Tapaya Edwards – Senior Cultural Custodian and Project Cultural Consultant
  • Naomi Douglas – Senior Cultural Custodian of the Seven Sisters for Walinya
  • Karina Lester, Mobile Language Unit, Adelaide University – Language Consultant
  • Lee-Ann Tjunypa Buckskin (Lee-Ann Buckskin and Associates) – Project Director
  • Rhoda Tjitayi – Cultural Workshop Tutor/Inma Singer
  • Troy Hughes – Cultural Workshop Tutor
  • Leyton Wilson – Cultural Workshop Tutor
  • Jasmin Windy – Inma Singer
  • Lara Damiani – Content and Project Producer/Field Producer/Video and Sound Editor/Sound Recording
  • Nooshin Laghai-Asiata, (Lee-Ann Buckskin and Associates) – Senior Project Manager and Study Guide Advisor
  • Derik Lynch – Digital Content Assistant
  • Jonathan Daw – Claymation Workshop Tutor, Illustrations and Animations
  • Zaachariaha Fielding / Michael Ross – Music, Inma Workshop Tutors, Singing Artists
  • Simone Di Sisto – Study Guide

Carclew Staff

Tricia Walton; Georgie Davill; Lilla Berry; Lucy Markey; Bethany Ashley-Ward; Samantha Kearney; James Alberts and all the Carclew team who have supported the project.

Filming and Photography – Excursion

  • Lara Damiani (Think Films – Producer)

  • Grant Beed (First Camera Unit/aerial)

  • Johnathan Baker (Steadicam)

  • Russell Alexander (Sound Recordist)

  • Catalina Moller (Second Camera)

  • Millie Brown (Photographer)

  • Joey McQuade (Additional Filming – Steadicam/aerial)

Voice Over Narrators

  • Terry Lyons (Wati Kanyala)

  • Shakira Miller (Wati Kanyala in English and opening narration)

Let’s Practice Language Narrators

  • Janisha Edwards

  • Amysha Lewis

  • Isabella Watson

  • Inawinytji Williamson

  • Tapaya Edwards

Kungkarankalpa Animated Film: Monash University – Producers and Creators

  • Brent McKee (Head Animator)

  • Fred Leone (Project Manager Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges)

  • Lara Damiani (Project Co-ordinator, Adelaide)

  • Shakira Miller (Older Sister)

  • Kanytjupai Baker (Younger Sister)

  • Michaelle Munti (Narrator)

  • Tapaya Edwards (Wati Nyiru)

Kungkarankalpa: Animated Film Story and Character Consultants

  • Naomi Douglas

  • Keith Aitken

  • Sue Berry

  • Derik Lynch

Inma Studio Singers

  • Inawinytji Williamson

  • Tapaya Edwards

  • Rhoda Tjitjayi

  • Yaritji Heffernan

  • Leah Brady

And many thanks to all those who supported and encouraged the project:

Mary Pan, Sharon Diglio, Nadia Mills, Erin McQuade, Lavene Ngatokorua, Luku Trembath/Kuku Digital, Maisie Winton, Umeewara and Port Augusta Aboriginal Communities, Electric Fields, Sam Yates, Marie Anderson, Marie Falcinella, Mel Henderson, Sandra Ken, Jessica Clarke, Mario Spate, Kirsten Klein.

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